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Real-time insights for healthier plants.

Introducing SproutSitter(Patent Pending)

Say goodbye to guesswork in plant care. SproutSitter’s built-in display and smart sensors monitor soil moisture, sunlight, and temperature, guiding you through each step of plant care.

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Built In Display

Give your plant a personality through the built in display!

Environmental Sensors

Learn how much moisture is in the soil, how much sun it’s getting, and the air temperature!

Get Notified

Get notified via the smart phone app whenever your plant needs water.

Bring your plant to life

SproutSitter comes with a built-in display that brings your plant to life. No more guessing games – if your plant is feeling a bit parched, SproutSitter will show a cute panting animation, giving you a clear signal it’s time for a drink. And if you’ve accidentally drowned it in love (aka water), the display will express a concerned face, letting you know it needs some time to recover.

Understanding Your Plant, Simplified.

SproutSitter’s sensors ensure your plants get exactly what they need, when they need it. By providing accurate, real-time data, these sensors help you avoid common mistakes like overwatering or insufficient light. This leads to healthier, more vibrant plants with minimal effort on your part. You can confidently care for your plants, knowing that SproutSitter is constantly monitoring and guiding you towards the best practices for plant health.

No more forgetting to water!

SproutSitter will let you know when it’s time for a drink through it’s expressive animations. You can also get notified you through the connected smart phone app so you never miss a watering!

Where can I buy one?

SproutSitter is currently in the protoype phase. We plan to launch a crowdfunding campaign soon. Get notified when we launch by subscribing to our waitlist for updates. Share SproutSitter with your friends to help us meet our goal!


Note: As this is still a prototype it is subject to change. We want your feedback!

  • Built in display
  • Equipped with temperature, light, and moisture sensors
  • Three inch moisture sensor length to fit in a variety of pots
  • Enabled with wireless capabilities to connect to smart phone app
  • Built in rechargeable battery that last up to three weeks
  • Button to turn on display and navigate through pages

Get sensor data from your phone!

Our app is still in development, but here are some of it’s planned features!

  • Pair multiple SproutSitter with customized plant profiles to meet each of your plants’ unique needs
  • Get alerts from your phone whenever your plant is in need
  • View sensor data from any of you SproutSitters
  • Re-calibrate your SproutSitter as needed to ensure accurate measurements

SproutSitters emotions

You know your plants doing well when SproutSitters' smiling!

Your plant needs water! SproutSitter is thirsty.

Maybe you gave your plant a little too much love... AKA water.

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